An ensemble about the Beauty of an object


The ensemble is a topical form: ideas, images, activities and meanings can be linked so that they transcend their individual significance. They maintain their independence within the whole, but by bringing them together, the artist gives the viewer the chance to "read between the lines". In the ensemble, the viewer can follow how the artist works and associates ideas: by enabling works of art, in this case paintings, to enter into a relationship together, the relationships and processes that play a role in the work of the artist become clearer. An ensemble casts a unique light on an artists mindset.

Conclusion: with his series of painted bowls, which only appear identical at first glance, Laurent Reypens goes beyond the limits of serialism, time after time, due to sensitivity that was alien to the more cynical Pop Art and the rather mechanical Nouveau Réalisme. As if it were a postulate, a theorem, our artist tirelessly seeks the point where the Beauty of what is just a bowl takes its place in space and determines it.

Ernest Van Buynder, President of the Friends of the MuHKA
March 2014