This extended series of dark works was inspired by the evenings’ light, twilight, on the yew hedges in the garden. The garden created by the artist himself, is an extension of his work. Always coming back to the theme of overflowing spherical shapes.

Sfumato is a painting technique where toning down contours of the subject in the painting is used to produce unclear, blurred outlines. This effect is achieved by applying transparent layering of colors over the subject.

The base colors used in this work are English red and ultramarine blue. In most of the works the bowls appear out of the darkness. In some of the paintings, first the space is filled with bowls, then they are taken away to be painted. Through multiple transparent layers of overpainting, the colors emit a deep dark impression. In this series, the artist tries to integrate the twilight’s effect. When after sunset, we go outside, from a lit room, our eyes need time to adjust. In our busy society, time has become scarce. The time needed to absorb something. Shadow and silence become important aspects of these works.


136 cm x 201 cm
300 cm x 100 cm
120 cm x 120 cm
100 cm x 50 cm
90 cm x 60 cm
100 cm x 100 cm
200 cm x 200 cm
147 cm x 113 cm
300 cm x 100 cm
100 cm x 100 cm
160 cm x 120 cm
300 cm x 100 cm
120 cm x 180 cm