Painting on the right: Acrylic on canvas - Gold leaf on canvas - 60x60 cm

Flowers for a musicians future

On the right-hand side of the above photo you can see the painting that Laurent Reypens donated to the 'Cello for Charity' project of cellist and good friend, Roel Dieltiens. With the proceeds of the auction, including this painting, the Cello for Charity project wants to show its support and make a contribution to musicians who are suffering greatly from the corona crisis.

Bids can be made on various objects, including the painting by Laurent Reypens, several music scores and musical instruments. One of these instruments is a new cello made by the well-known luthier Joris Wouters. He built this beautiful stringed instrument during the quiet corona months. In the instrument he wrote: 'This instrument is meant to make the world sound better ... '

You can support Cello for Charity by participating in the online live auction of auction house Bernaerts on Thursday 18 February 2021 at 6 pm via this link.