About Laurent Reypens

Laurent Reypens, born in Westerlo in 1954, paints and makes sculptures in polyester, bronze and glass. He is fascinated by the simplicity and tranquillity that emanates from everyday things. In his works he always uses the same bowl from Belgian pottery producer Royal Boch: semicircular and standing on a small foot, but always with an equally honest and universal design.

This bowl forms the thread running through the works of Laurent Reypens and functions as his handwriting. In other words, it is not about the bowl as such. It is about the position of the bowls, or what they express in their well-defined order. These positions are very diverse and sometimes radiate tranquillity, sometimes playfulness. Sometimes the bowls are very emphatically present and really come towards you. The works owe their strength to the repetitive aspect. This repetition gives his works the necessary abstraction and dynamics.

Laurent Reypens already presented his universal bowls in various countries, and his works are collected by art lovers worldwide. In Belgium, his work has already been shown at various exhibitions and venues: Art collection of BIAC (Brussels Airport), Brussels Town Hall, Brussels Parliament and Art in the Park (Beerzel).

He also presented his works at several solo exhibitions in Belgium and abroad, including his 'Sfumato' works in the Halle in Geel (Belgium) and at the Belgian Consulate in Hanover (Germany) in 2014. In 2015, in collaboration with Berengo Studio, 'Venice Projects' followed in the Fenice Gallery in Venice (Italy). Later, in 2017, 'Slow Motion' was shown in the Henrad buildings in Herentals (Belgium), also presenting the book 'In Slow Motion', published by the art publisher Skira.

Reypens also participated in numerous group exhibitions such as 'Contemporary Chaos' (Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium - Norway). His works were also exhibited in several galleries in Germany and Switzerland: Kunstverein Krefeld, Galerie Besch, Kunstverein Bruchsal and in the Kunsthalle in Arbon. Together with Berengo Studio, he has also drawn at Art-Fair Palm Beach (USA), Art-Fair Stockholm (Sweden) and Art-Fair Karlsruhe (Germany).